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Digital blood pressure monitor

Digital blood pressure monitor

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Size: Blood pressure monitor

Model Number: SG-519

Material: ABS

LCD Size: 35*45 mm

Item Type: Blood Pressure

Colour: Black

Brand Name: Sun Glory

Atmospheric pressure range: 0 kPa-37.3 kPa (0 mmHg-280 mmHg)

Arm circumference: 22cm-32cm

Application: ARM

Product parameters:

Colour :White

Size :about 3.74*2.36*4.53in

Wristband : 22~32mm

Display: liquid crystal display screen

Power supply: DC6V 4 AAA dry battery (not included) and USB plug cable (included)

Measuring range: (20-280) mm Hg / (2.7-3.7) kPa (blood measurement), (40-160) times / min (pulse rate)

Accuracy: blood pressure ± 3% pulse rate ± 5%

Normal working temperature: 5 ℃ ~ 40 ℃ Moisture: 10% ~ 93%

Working pressure: 85kPa ~ 105kPa

Operating and storage air pressure: 50kPa ~ 105kPa

Air leakage device: exhaust valve

Storage set: 99 sets of storage (2 people)

Quick exhaust method: electric exhaust valve

Air leakage: exhaust valve

The results show: high pressure / low pressure / pulse


※ The home health automatic blood pressure monitor is easy to operate at home.

※LCD Monitor.

※ English voice Voz en espanol , full guidance, intelligent recognition voice broadcast Or No VOICE (According to your choice) .

※ Measure the heart rate to determine whether the heart rate is normal.

※ Number of memory groups: 2 * 99 memory data.

※ Quickly measure systolic blood pressure, diastolic blood pressure and pulse.

※ Intelligent automatic shutdown function, it can automatically shut down for 1 minute without any operation.

※ Accuracy: blood pressure ± 3% pulse rate ± 5%.


1. Your blood pressure will be affected by physical exercise, anxiety exercise and different periods of the day. You should take at least two pressure measurements and obtain an average accuracy measurement. Therefore, it is best to measure blood pressure at the same time every day to obtain accurate signs of blood pressure changes. Blood pressure is usually measured relatively low in the morning and gradually increases from afternoon to night. In addition, blood pressure is relatively low in summer and relatively high in winter.

2. Please refer to the instruction manual for how to use. The instruction manual for silent blood pressure is shared with the sound pressure. If you buy blood pressure without sound, please ignore the sound setting in the manual.

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